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About this project

The American Association of Educators has a series of websites and videos produced, designed and developed by our team

The Association of American Educators (AAE) is the largest national, non-union, professional educators' organization, advancing the profession by offering a modern approach to teacher representation and educational advocacy, as well as promoting professionalism, collaboration and excellence without a partisan agenda.

WEB: Winning an award for best non-profit web design, we redesigned and developed 3 sites including AAE Charter Schools, AAE Academy and the new AAE Teachers site. Top level integrations include full Moodle & Joomla integration. Offering online virtual classrooms, online quizzing, video presentations and much more...
VIDEO: We traveled to AAE Conventions and captured, edited and published informative videos of amazing people doing great things for children.

Wow! Fantastic stuff!

Colin S.

Association of American Educators is incorporated as a 501(c)(6), non-profit, professional association. Professional membership in AAE is open to any employee of an educational entity. In addition, parents, business leaders, and legislators can support our efforts by becoming an Associate/Support Member. - See more...

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About this project

The Joy Tour Group website was developed by INSITE MOBILE using our new custom designed parallax template.

Dr. Maya Angelou is one of the most renowned and influential voices of our time. Dr. Angelou was a celebrated poet, memoirist, novelist, educator, dramatist, producer, actress, historian, filmmaker, and civil rights activist. As an honor to her and to benefit the world she wished to educate and serve the Dr. Maya Angelou Traveling Educational Museum will artistically and technologically feature Dr. Angelou's artistic legacy including film/video/media, dance, music, visual arts, literary arts and theater. The three-vehicle interactive museum will tour to colleges, universities, primary and secondary schools, churches, community organizations and museums.

You have done a really nice job with setting up the files...background codes for this site and everything looks good.

Cathy J.

The purpose of the museum itself is to high- light and celebrate Dr. Angelou's work as a writer, activist, and visionary, the purpose of the curriculum modules is to draw from the six pillars of the humanities established in the Story Plan and to put her work in conversation with other writers, activists, and visionaries.

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About this project

The U-AIDE app was designed and developed by INSITE MOBILE LLC for and in collaboration with Allure Apps LLC.

U-AIDE’s innovative and cutting edge technology converts your Smartphone into an immediate response system during any emergency. Whether you are in need of help, possible danger, or require emergency aid; three taps of the volume button will notify your emergency contacts, family and friends, and our U-AIDE network that you require urgent aid. The notification will provide all reachable parties with your current location using GPS tracking. The tracking system also gives users directions to an emergency based on your GPS location...

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About the American Dollar Store project

The American Dollar Store website was designed and developed by INSITE MOBILE.

The task was to create an eCommerce site to display and sale more than 2700 products offered in the American Dollar Stores. We started by cloning the database from The Point Of Sale(POS) systems, then we remapped the database for the Content Management System(CMS). We gathered all of the necessary images for the products and details not included in the original database. We set up painted gateways, social networking integration's and eCommerce extras that allow the client to manage, track, and print shipping labels all from the administrative back end of the website...

We pride ourselves in being a customer service focused company. We set ourselves apart from our competition by providing our customers with prompt, courteous service, helpful customer support and quality Discount Store products and services.

Lisa L.

American Dollar Store opened its doors in June 2011 serving Durham, NC and surrounding areas. Offering great discounts and deals on everyday items. American Dollar Store offers everything from party supplies to greeting cards and toys at dollar plus values. Come in today to find the best deals in North Carolina.

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About Dick Gregory projects

Over the years INSITE MOBILE has designed and developed several projects for and associated with Dick Gregory.

Brilliant! Leon, you are a technical guru. Thank you.

John B.

Dick Gregory’s Caribbean™ Diet for Optimal Health is a unique Whole Food Based Dietary Supplement. The formulation is designed to help boost your immune system and increase your energy so you can regain and maintain control of your health without compromising it.

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About Allure Apps projects

Allure Apps is a leader in making Businesses & Brands MOBILE, with Apps. Allure has come up with a solution to help limit the cost of Mobile App Development across all major platforms (Apple, Android, and Windows).

The tasks for Allure Apps is to design and/or develop websites and mobile apps. Over the years Insite and Allure have collaborated to create many custom websites and mobile apps for ecommerce, musical artists, doctors, top lawyers and the list goes on...

After all the sites and apps we've created together over the years, I can say we still love working with Insite. Thanks for all your help...

Arya Mokhtari

Allure Apps starting at just $99 A MONTH

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About State Farm projects

The Original Score Contest was developed by INSITE MOBILE for State Farm Texas.

The task was to create websites in two phases:

  1. The phase I website is a 4 page informational site used to collect contact info from visitors by use of a form on the landing page. The form was integrated with Sugar CRM (Customer Relationship Management) via API and custom database (DB) bridge. The results of each form submission creates a client lead in Sugar CRM. The site is Static HTML5 with custom PHP Forms. Form results are also integrated with Sales Force CRM via Sugar CRM.
  2. The phase II website was created to allow users the ability to upload, share and vote on their videos. The site was developed for Social Networking, Server side applications for video conversion, “YouTube Clone” for video upload, etc.


The effort and amazing work you put into this site in such a short timeline blows me feels good to have the structure there with solid design and functionality. Thank you!

Judy O.

Texas State Farm agents, in a new partnership with Texas Music Educators Association (TMEA) presents the State Farm Original Score Contest. The contest is open to all students enrolled in a Texas public or private high school music program.

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